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IDN WeekendShow - Oktoberfest Mix 2017

OktoberFest Mix 2017
Mixed by Ellen
IDN WeekendShow

On 23 September in the IDN WeekendShow we will celebrate OktoberFest with a special Mix of Dancemusic from Germany and Italy hope you like & tune in to the show also this Saturday from 14:00 till 16:00 CET (or Sunday 16:00 CET in Replay) IDN Oktoberfest Mix 2017
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ItaloDance BeachParade

Thommy Slivovitz
ItaloDance BeachParade
The summer seems to be over ...
... in a lot of parts of Europe. But nevertheless we will enjoy the party on the Slivobeach with a lot of fun & a new edition of Italo-Dance-Beach-Parade. This is the playlist of Italo Dance Beach Parade 620:

1. R.A.G. DJ feat JPedroza - Love is Love (R.A.G. DJ Tribute P'n'S Remix)
2. Intro
3. Ste Ingham - Children (Kraftminerz Remix)
4. Diva - Diva
5. Jason Parker feat Crizzn - Return To Innocence (Tomtrax & Orca Remix)
6. Slingshotz - Despacito (Technoposse Edit)
7. K-A-T-A - Fires In The Night (Vocal) (1985)
8. Tom Hooker - Swiss Cow
9. Nadia - Little Lies (BaseTo & DJ Voggi Remix)
10. Deejay A.N.D.Y. feat Pit Bailay - Too Shy 2017 (Danceboy Remix)
11. Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Rhyth Kid Version)
12. Mode One - Queen Of My Heart
13. Rameez feat Djane HouseKat - Oh Baby (Extended Mix)

Enjoy the autumn ...
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