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- we are busy with new functions so please have some patience when it doesnt work fully or correctly :)

ps. due the work the FAV function doesnt seem to work (Add) at this moment, we are looking to solve that.

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Artist Title Label Fav Request
 M Doubleyou  Big Bada Boom [DiMa Dj Remix]  
 M&M Project  Drive my Car [Happy Version]  
 M&M Project  Drive my Car [Radio Version]  
 M.D.S. feat. Siska  Sing My Pray [Zizzy Mix]  
 M.I.A.N.I.  Splendida Giornata [Dario Synth vs. i-M@T Remix FM Cut]  
 M.I.M. Project  When The Sun Go Down [Extended Mix]  
 M.I.M. Project  For Love [Radio Edit]  
 M.O.M. feat. Francy  Call Me [Reworked]  
 M.O.M. feat. Francy  Call Me [DJ Cutry & Dynamiko Extended Mix]  
 M.O.M. feat. Francy  Sinfonia Arcana [DJ Cutry & Dynamiko Extended Mix]  
 M.O.R.K.  Fantasy [DJ Satomi Trz Mix]  
 M.O.R.K.  Fantasy [N R Gize Mix]  
 M.P. Gang  Future Gun [Paulsander Mix]  Warner Strategic Marketing (Italy)
 M.T.J. feat. Jade  Now Or Never [Dancing Edit]  Vale Music
 M@D  Party People [MRicky & Danieli Remix]  
 M@D  Party People [Five Radio Mix]  
 M@x vs. Serel  La Terre De La Musique [Extended Mix]  
 M@x vs. Serel  Parle Avec Toi [Extended Mix]  
 Ma.Bra  Cursed Destiny [Original Extended]  
 Ma.Bra  Original Sin [Cut Mix]  
 Ma.Bra.  Tekno [Ma.Bra. Extended Mix]  
 Ma.Bra.  We Want To Rock [Ma.Bra. Extended Remix]  
 Ma.Bra.  Al Ritmo [Ma.Bra. Extended Remix]  
 Ma.Bra.  Friends [Ma.Bra. Extended Remix]  
 Ma.Bra. feat. Dalan Party  People Jumping [Dalan Party Mix Edit]  Mabra Records
 Mabel  Disco Disco [Disco-Radio Remix]  Dee And Gee Records
 Mabel  Bum Bum [Am/Pm Radio Mix]  
 Mabel  Land Of Sex [M.T.J. Platonico Radio]  Dee And Gee Records
 Mabel  The Shower [M.T.J. Water Radio]  Dee And Gee Records
 Mabel Team Feat. Debra Smith  I'm Free [Michele Galeazzi & Rigers Dj Extended Mix\  The Dominion
 Made In Italy  Everyday [DJ Cillo Remix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Madonna  Hung Up [The Return Morgan Remix]  
 Madonna  Revolver [Claster Dj Feat. Dj Chy]  
 Maggie  One Way [Strong Extended Mix]  
 Maggie  Don't You Know  
 Magic Affair  Hear The Voices [Ian remix]  Kings Cross
 Magic Box  Sorry Marin [Radio Edit]  
 Magic Box  Sorry Marin  
 Magic Box  4 Your Love [Radio Mix]  Time Records
 Magic Box  This Is Better [Radio Mix]  Time Records
 Magic Box  If You [Remix]  
 Magic Box  Carillon [Radio Mix]  
 Magic Box  Carillon [Gigi D'Agostino Remix]  
 Magik Project  Feliz Navidad [DJ Dadde Radio Remix]  
 Magnetic  In Your Smile (Na Na Na)  
 Magnetic  La Luna [Clubvoxx & DJ Spoiler Remix]  Dancing Bear
 Main Project  When Love Is Gone [Andrea Lupi Remix]  1st Groove
 Mak & Sak feat. Xana  La Meva Nit [Radio]  Moguda
 Mak & Sak feat. Xana  Em Poses A 100 [Radio]  
 Makano  Te Amo [Dj-V. Remix] (Original Spanish Vocal)  
 Maldox  Virtual Girl [Extended Mix]  
 Maldox feat Jérôme Thévenot  Baby [Bovoli & Grek! love remix]  Style Records
 Maldox feat Jérôme Thévenot  Baby [DjTEoX Extended Italo Rmx]  Style Records
 Maldox feat Jérôme Thévenot  Baby [Sound on! Remix Edit]  Style Records
 Maldox feat. C.Y.T.  Wherever You Go [Luna Felix Radio Edit]  ARC Records
 Maldox feat. C.Y.T.  Wherever You Go [TBM DJ Radio Edit]  ARC Records
 Maldox feat. C.Y.T.  Wherever You Go [Original Radio Edit]  ARC Records
 Maldox feat. Jerome Thevenot  Baby  Karika
 Maldox feat. Karen  Hey tu! [Radio Mix]  
 Maltese  Mama [Extended Version]  
 Mandy  Magic Moon  Time
 Manian  Hold Me tonight [Black Toys Cut]  Zooland Records
 Manian  Ravers In The UK [DJ Gollum Radio Edit]  Zoo Digital
 Manico  Dance [Power Mix]  
 Manicomio feat. Vale  Danza La Luna [DJ Sanny J Remix]  
 Manovale Sonoro  Deep In My Soul [Ciccilleju Extended Mix]  
 Manovale Sonoro  Falling Down [Emixfair Radio Edit]  Black Sun
 Manovale Sonoro  Falling Down [Maphia Clubberz Remix]  Black Sun
 Manovale Sonoro  Love You Are [Radio Edit]  
 Mantero  Stella [Original Mix FM Cut]  
 Mantero  Stella [Reaktors Remix]  
 Manu Gz  Vorrei Sentirti [Italo Style Mix]  
 Manu Gz and Marcos Magan  Credimi [Destination Sicily Radio Edit]  
 Manu Gz feat. Jako  Bajo Las Estrellas [DjPiJaLiS Remix]  
 Manu Gz feat. Jako  Bajo Las Estrellas [Peter DJ Danza Mix]  
 Manu LJ  Feel Alright [Radio Edit]  
 Manu LJ  Dance All Night [Dance Rocker Rmx]  
 Manu LJ  Italia (What A Love) [Dance Rocker Extended Remix]  Off Limits
 Manu LJ  That's Amore [Dance Rocker Remix]  
 Many More  Dolce Vita [Radio Edit]  
 Mar.Pet  We Fly Together [Spinta Mix]  BIT Records
 Marc Fruttero  Dance My Life Away  
 Marc Korn  Sing My Song [Indietro Radio Edit]  Balloon Records
 Marc Korn  Tears In My Eyes [Radio Version]  Balloon Records Catalog#:, BR 021769
 Marc Korn  Le Pardon [DJ Zulan Short Remix]  Trak Music
 Marc Korn  Spirit Of The Night [Fillini & Selecta Concept]  Agenda
 Marc Korn vs. DJ Squared  Summer Of Love [Dancephonic Short Remix]  ZYX
 Marc Korn vs. Ramon Zerano  Virgin Of Love [Dancephonic Short Remix]  Track Music
 Marc Korn vs. San Danielle  Secret Of You [Luca Zeta Dance Remix Edit]  
 Marco Marzi & Tony Cau DJ pres. Lazaro Lopez  Fuego [Fireworks Dance Radio]  
 Marco Skarica feat. Luana  Back in time [MSK Power Radio Edit]  
 Marco Skarica feat. Luana  Back in time [Back Radio Mix]  
 Marco van Bassken  The Riddle [Original Club Mix]  Balloon Records
 Marcovox feat. Elix England  Lasciami Andare [Dance Rockers Trip Remix Edit]  
 Marcovox feat. Elix England  Mia [2010 reworked]  
 Mardie  Sexy Strega  Do It Yourself Entertainment
 Margaret  A Part Of Your Life  Fast Records
 Maria  To Nem Ai [DJ Baba-Ross & Ale Extended Mix]  
 Maria  To Nem Ai [M@D Radio Edit]  
 Maria  To Nem Ai [Radio Edit]  
 Maria  Te Quiero [DJ Maxwell Remix]  
 Maria  Te Quiero [Paps'N'Skar Mix]  
 Maria Argentino feat. Pooh  Music That Lives (Chi Fermerà La Musica) [E.R. Radio Edit]  Exe Records
 Maria Mora  Enjoy This Funky  
 Maria Mora  Enjoy This Funky  
 Maria Mora  Lamette  
 Mariano & Marco vs. DPJ  My Star [Dark Project Mix]  Italo Rumble Digital Records
 Mariano & Marco vs. DPJ  My Star [DJ G Remix]  Italo Rumble Digital Records
 Mariano and Marco vs DPJ  My Star [Bietto Remix]  Italo Rumble Digital
 Marina & The Diamonds  Primadonna [TEoXx club Remix]  
 Mario Bischin  Special [Play & Win Original Mix]  Planeta Mix Records (Spain)
 Mario Bischin  Macarena [Dj sTore ItaloDance Remix]  
 Mario Cooper  Don't Give Up [Radio Edit]  Balloon Records
 Mario Più  Champ Elisées [Extended Mix]  
 Mario Piú  Techno Harmony  
 Mario Piú feat. More  Runaway  ZYX Music
 Mario Piu  Believe Me [On Air Mix]  Media Records
 Mario Vee  Troubles [Radio Edit]  
 Mariucch  Check This Sound [Extended Mix]  Disco Planet Records
 Mariucch  Crazy voice [Original Mix]  
 Mariucch  Shake Your Body [Original Mix]  
 Mariucch  Pump It & Jump [Radio Mix]  
 Mariucch and Lino Lavista  Cantare [Original Mix]  
 Mariucch and Tobix  Voglia Di Dance [Spinta Mix]  
 Mariucch feat. Leo Zen  Inside me  
 Mariucch feat. Leo Zen  My Body  
 Mariucch feat. Tobix  Pensare a te [Mariucch Special Version for IDN]  
 Mariucch feat. Weber  Everytime [Mar.Pet Rmx]  BIT Records
 Mark M. vs L.G.P.  Yeke Yeke [NuItalo ShortRemix]  
 Mark''M.  The Blue [Original mix]  
 Mark''M.  Take Me [Original Mix]  
 Mark''M. Feat. The Witch  One Love  
 Mark''M. Vs Dj Roxx  Weekend [Italian Concept]  
 Markus  Robotronik [Downmix]  
 Markus  Elektronik [Radio]  
 Markus  Superlove  
 Markus  My Musik  
 Marq Aurel & David C  The Funky Beast  Redlight Records
 Marq Aurel & Mizz Camela  Pokerface [DJ V Italo Dance Remix]  RedLight Media
 Marq Aurel & Mizz Camela  Pokerface [Original Trance Radio]  RedLight Media
 Marq Aurel & Mizz Camela  Stomp Out [Cesc D. Sound! Remix]  Danceclusive
 Marq Aurel & Rayman Rave  Into The Blue [Noise Of Love Remix]  Redlight Media
 Marq Aurel & Rayman Rave  Into The Blue [Cesc D On Sound Remix]  Redlight Media
 Marq Aurel & Rayman Rave  Into The Blue [DJ JPedroza Remix]  Redlight Media
 Marq Aurel & Rayman Rave  Into The Blue [DJ-V Remix]  Redlight Media
 Marq Aurel & Rayman Rave  Into The Blue [Italo Dance Mix]  Redlight Media
 Marracash  Badabum Cha Cha [Francesco Ferraro Remix]  
 Mars Plastic  Model With Me [Mars Plastic Mix]  ZYX
 Martillo Vago  Que Es La Vida [Plazma Tek Extended Mix]  
 Martillo Vago  Por Què No [Plazmatek Single Edit]  
 Martin Tungevaag  Wicked Wonderland [Borga & Bietto Bootleg]  
 Mash  Fiky Fiky [Alternative Extended Mix]  
 Mash  Hey Baby [Alex Andiamo Radio Edit]  
 Mash  One Day [Radio Edit]  
 Mash  Oak Island [Pirata Mix]  
 Mashup  Di Passaggio [Trialcore Remix]  Slowild Creation
 Maskara  Dansez  
 Masquerade  So So So (So Long)  
 Master Blaster  Dial My Number [Radio Edit]  
 Master Blaster  Hands Up  
 Master Team  Teorema [Extended Mix]  Houzy
 Masterbeat  One More Try [TBM DJ Radio Edit]  ARC Records
 Masterbeat  Musix Inside U [Original Radio Edit]  ARC Records
 Masterbeat  One More Try [Original Radio Edit]  ARC Records
 Masterbeat  Fading Away [DJ Gio Radio Edit]  Arc Records
 Masterbeat  Forever [TBM DJ Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  Musix inside u [Sun Kidz Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  Musix inside u [Original Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  Fading Away [Original Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  1 Am and We Rise [Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  Musix Inside U [Original Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  One More Try [Original Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  Where's the Silence Gone [Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  Diving Too Deep [Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  Forever [Original Mix]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  Take On Me [Live Version]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  Hold Me Tonight [Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  The Red Planet [Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  Leave the Lights On [Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  Ready [Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  Fading Away [DJ Gio Extended]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  Musix Inside U [Sun Kidz Extended]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  Forever [Sander Extended]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterbeat  One More Try [DJ Gio Extended]  ARC-Records Austria
 Masterboy  Feel The Christmas Night  
 MasterMood  Better For You [It-Style Radio]  VMP International Singapore
 Mastermood  Rainy Night [Extended Version]  
 Mastro G  The Puppet [Vocal Extended Mix]  
 Mastro G feat. Fred Kannone  Balla  Do It Yourself
 Match  Better World [The Riffman Edit]  
 Matt Dance  Another Night  
 Matt Dance  Another Night [Alex V. feat. Nicolablu Long Dream Mix]  
 Matt Dance  Another Night [Italian Raiders Remix]  
 Matt Whistler  Merry Christmas Everyone  
 Mattafix  Living Darfur [Freddy L.V. Remix]  
 Mattara  Sweet Dreams 2004 [Original Mix]  
 Mauro Emme & Tony Delta  When A Woman [Tony Delta & Mauro Emme Euro Mix]  
 Mauro Emme vs. Francesco Renga  Ci Sarai [Promo Final mix]  
 Mauro Picotto  Komodo  BXR
 Mauro Pilato & Max Monti  Clap Clap  Volumex
 Maverick  Feel The Rhythm [DJ Fabry Remix]  
 Maverick  Feel The Rhythm [Extended Mix]  
 Maverick  Lonely Star [Radio Edit]  
 Maverick  Lover  
 Maverick feat. Dub-J  Baby Girl  
 Max Coveri  One More Time  ZYX
 Max Fortuna  I Want to Back [Marcello Sound Remix]  Fluida
 Max Fortuna feat. Nino  Gianna [Freddy Remix]  Fluida Records
 Max Him  Japanese girl  Cruisin Records
 Max Marani feat Simone Jay  Wanna B Like A Man [E-Partment Mix Edit]  High Five Records
 Max Pezzali  L'Universo Tranne Noi [Dagma Bootleg Remix]  
 Mc Pele'  Namorar Pelado [Beijo Na Boca] [Vanni G Remix]  DIY - Do It Yourself
 Mc Two  Music Is My Life [Radio Edit DJ Kriminal vs. DJ Nick]  Darla
 Mc Ya  Umbrella [Dance Version]  
 Meanstreet Boys  Shine A Little Love  
 Mediterranean DJ's feat. D. Meo  Tienimi Stretto [Soft Dance Mix]  
 Mediterranean Djs Feat. Daniele Meo  Tienimi Stretto [Dj sTore Rmx 2011]  
 Meis  Hot Tango [Extended mix]  
 Mel Project  Whistle's Song  
 Mellina feat. Bogdan Ioan  Can't Hide [Radio Edit]  Planeta Mix Records
 Metallic Glide  Digital Time [Radio Mix]  
 Metallic Glide  Hinei Ma Tov [Groove Cut Roberto Molinaro]  Blanco y Negro
 Methode Orange  Mary 1 Song [FM Cut]  
 Miani  Su di noi [Miki M & Kenny May remix]  
 Miani  La pornostar [Italo Mix]  
 Miani  Balkanica [Slowbrothers Radio Mix]  K1 Records
 Miani  Non Succedera Piu (feat Penelope) [Dj Hyo Remix Edit]  Planeta Mix Spain
 Miani  Il Tipico Italiano [Marc Korn Hands Up Remix Edit]  Planeta Mix Spain
 Miani  Il Tipico Italiano [Stephan F Remix Edit]  Planeta Mix Spain
 Miani vs. DJ Rimini  Notte D'Estate [Hard Dance & Love 2009]  Agenda
 Micaela  Fuoco e cenere [Dj Torny Lento Style rmx]  
 Michel Teló  Ai Se Eu Te Pego [Alex Teddy & Dance Rocker Remix]  
 Mickmeister  Where Are You Now [Rocco vs. Bass-T Remix]  
 Microcosmica  Estrelle De La Noche / The Star Of The Night  
 Middle Milk  Cotorito  FFW
 Midory  My Light  
 Mika  Relax Take It Easy [Torny & Favara Remix]  
 Mike Cannon  Voices In The Dark  Zyx
 Mike Mareen vs. Da-Freaks  Love Spy  
 Mike MH 4  Electrica Salsa [CJ Stone Remix]  
 Mike Nero  Spring [GITH Remix]  
 Mike Wind & Marc Korn  On My Way [Luca Zeta Club Mix]  
 Miki M & Kenny May feat. Susy  Déjà Vu [DJ Zazza Remix]  DiscoPlanetRecords
 Miki M & Kenny May feat. Susy  Déjà Vu [D@ny85Dj Mix]  DiscoPlanetRecords
 Miki M. & Kenny May feat Miani  Voglia d' estate [Siculand Tarantella rmx]  Disco Planet Records
 Miki M. & Kenny May feat. Joshua  Welcome into my life [Tony Change Vs DaNdeejay remix]  
 Miki M. & Kenny May feat. Miani  Voglia d' estate [Original mix]  Disco Planet Records
 Miko Mission  Two For Love  ZYX
 Miko Mission  Thinking Of You [Radio Edit]  Crisler
 Miko Mission  Let it be love [Original]  I Venti d' Azzurro Records
 Mikrofisch  Mauro Farina (Pump the Subharmonics)  Kinokoma
 Miky M. & Kenny May feat. Joshua  Welcome Into My Life [SicuLand Remix]  DPR
 Miky Vibes ft Federica  Amor Nao e Pecado [Bietto Maranza REMIX 2012]  
 Miley Cyrus  Wrecking Ball [Bella Remix]  
 Milky Chance  Stolen Dance [Deejay-Jany 90s FM Remix]  
 Millennium  You Are The One [Millennium Radio Edit]  
 Mirage  No more no war [Extended Version]  Delta
 Miranda  Eldorado [Ghost Radio Edit]  Combined Forces
 Mishnah  New Millennium [Radio Edit]  
 Mishnah  Little Star [Radio Edit]  
 Mishnah  Winter In My Heart [FM Cut]  
 Miss Plug Inn  You and I  Bordello A Parigi Holland
 MissDefiant  FairyTale  
 Mission Of Love feat. Alejandra  Down Down Down [Radio Edit]  Universal Music Italy
 Mister Black  Il Tempo Di Morire [Extended Mix]  
 Mister V  Alzati La Gonna [Extended Mix]  
 Mixtery feat. W  Bring Me To Life [Radio Mix]  
 MJ feat. DJ Tao  Let's Fly [Radio Edit]  ZYX / BIT Records
 MJ feat. DJ Tao  You [Radio Edit]  BIT Records
 MK Noise  Tonight [Original Radio]  Inner Records
 MKK  Heaven Under the Moonlight (feat. Svenja)[Radio Edit]  MVA Star Records
 MKK feat Jenny  For now and forever - [RadioDancemix]  MVA Star Records
 MKK feat Jenny  For now and forever [DJ-MKK Remix]  MVA Star Records
 MKK feat. IXI  Der Knutschfleck [MKK Remix]  MVA Star Records
 MKK feat. Jenny  The Sun Is Shining [Dj MKK Dance Extended]  MVA Star Records
 MLP feat. Laia  Winter Night [DJ Dadde Remix]  
 Mo-Do  Megamix [i2k'011's Party mix]  
 Modà  Come Un Pittore [Dr. Bass Slowstyle Remix]  
 Moda Phun  The Secret Is [D@ny85DJ Radio Edit]  ARC Records
 Moda vs Gabry Ponte  Sono Gia Solo [Gabry Ponte remix edit]  
 Modena  Life Could Be A Paradise  
 Modern Tracking  Running Away [TDHDriver Long Mix]  ZYX Music
 MoDo  Eins Zwei Polizei [Molinaro Club Extended Mix]  
 Molella  Tell Me [Dance Mix]  
 Molella  Tell Me [Radio Dance Mix]  
 Molella  Love Lasts Forever [Radio Edit]  Liquid Sound - DIY
 Molella  Sunshine [Album Mix]  
 Molella  Romance  
 Molella  The Gong Song  
 Molella  Hi My Girl  
 Molella  New Jam  
 Molella  Village Groove  
 Molella  Sunshine  
 Molella  Change [Scream Mix]  
 Molella  Forever Friends  
 Molella  Baby! [Boogie Man Radio]  Liquid Sound / R.K.G. Records
 Molella  Village Groove [LAB Euro Remix]  
 Molella  Love Last Forever [2005 Remix]  
 Molella  The World Of Genik [Centro Commerciale Radio Edit]  Liquid Sound
 Molella  Desert Of Love [Emnep3 Radio]  
 Molella  Discotek People  Liquid Sound - DIY
 Molella  T.V.A.B.  DIY - Liquid Sound
 Molella  Genik  
 Molella  Atmosphere [Yesterday Mix]  Do It Yourself Italy
 Molella  Magia [Girofondo Radio]  Liquid Sound
 Molella  Listen [Radio Edit]  Liquid Sound
 Molinaro & Provenzano DJ  Running Up [FM Concept]  
 Molla & Marquis vs Hitfinders feat Joanna Rays  Strong Enough [Dreambuster Pumpin Remix]  DMN
 Molto Folk  Canto Do Mar [Gigi D'Agostino Remix]  
 Mondo Marcio  Dentro La Scatola [DJ Power Remix]  
 Money Penny  Sexy Baby [Vanni G Extended Remix]  
 Money Penny  Sexy Baby [Original Radio Edit]  
 Monika Novak  Living On The Run  
 Monnalisa  Monday [Extended Mix]  
 Monnalisa  Monday [T Track]  
 Monnalisa  Sadly [DJ Ato Remix]  
 Montana & Graziano  Oh Eh [FM Edit]  Agenda
 Monte Kristo  Lady Valentine  
 Moova  Goodbye [Van Nuys Remix]  
 Moratto meets Scarlett  Radar System  
 More  Around The World [On Air Mix]  Blanco Y Negro
 Morello & Tony R  Follow Me [Co.Gu.Ia. Main Mix]  
 Morpheus  Away [Extended]  
 Motel Synth George  Russian Blue (Lucky Version)  
 Motel Synth George  Maranza Fairytale 2012 [Dagma E65 Radio Edit Remix]  Italo Rumble Digital
 Motel Synth George  Maranza Fairytale 2012 [Andrea Decibel Remix]  Italo Rumble Digital
 Motel Synth George  Maranza Fairytale 2012 [Bietto Maranza Melodica Vision]  Italo Rumble Digital
 Motel Synth George  Maranza Fairytale 2012 [DJ Cillo Radio Edit]  Italo Rumble Digital
 Motel Synth George feat. Katok  Maranza Fairytale [Radio Edit]  Italo Rumble Digital
 Motel Synth George feat. katok  My Love Song ]Gabry'n Style Rmx]  
 Motel Synth George feat. katok  My Love Song [Bietto Maranza Concept]  
 Moustache feat. Melinda Jackson  Everywhere [Radio Edit]  
 MovimentoLento feat. Giulio Lonzi e Baby C  Lady Oscar [Radio Edit]  ZYX / DOS
 Mox feat. D-Lay  Right Here It's My Love [Radio Edit]  
 Mozzart  Devils Rendezvous  
 Mr ED  El Cabron [Matar Extended Rmx]  
 Mr. Brown & Supermarket's Gospel Choir  Church Lady [Luca Zeta Dance Remix]  Logo Records
 Mr. freaky  Out of my mind  
 Mr. Konrad  Dire Fare Baciare [Radio Edit]  New Music International
 Mr. Konrad  4 Ever [English Extended Mix]  
 Mr. Konrad  4 Ever [Italian Extended Mix]  
 Mr. Konrad  Dire Fare Baciare [European Edit]  New Music International
 Mr. Konrad  Be Myself  
 Mr. Manilla presents D.B.  Electro Love  W 296-02
 Mr. Roger feat. Vivian B  I Love My Phone [Dagma Extended Remix]  
 Mr. Zivago  Russian Paradise [Dance Version]  
 MRicky & Danieli  Shout [Radio Mix]  
 MRicky & Danieli  Gloria [Original Mix]  
 MS Project  I Wanna Be In Love [Boost Extended Mix]  
 MTJ  Come On Down [MTJ Contamineted]  
 MTJ feat. Soraja  Fly With You [MTJ Blade Extended Mix]  
 Mumm vs. Dhany  I Wanna Be Free [Free Edit]  ZYX Music
 Muttonheads Feat. Eden Martin  Snow White [FranJ Ricordando Mix]  
 MV700  Peace Of Mind  
 My Mine  Hypnotic Tango [Original 12inch Version]  Progress Record
 Mystery  Welcome To Paradise [Short Trip]  BIT Records

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