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tip: with the Add button you can add songs to your personal favorites (FAV) page wich can only be viewed and requested by yourself
- we are busy with new functions so please have some patience when it doesnt work fully or correctly :)

ps. due the work the FAV function doesnt seem to work (Add) at this moment, we are looking to solve that.

Do you miss any song in the playlist that you would like to add then please contact us!

Artist Title Label Fav Request
 P!nk  Try [DjTEoX rMx Dance 2013]  
 P.K.A.  Let Me Hear You Say Yeah [Roberto Molinaro Extended Concept]  
 P.t.B.E Proud to Be European  Fuck The EU [Exactly] [Extended Eu-Mix]  Sounds Like Fun
 Pablo DJ feat. Frances  Along My Life [Extended Mix]  Fluida Records
 Pago  Parlo Di Te [Claudio Lancini & Diego Milesi Remix]  
 Pakito  Living On Video [Original Mix]  Do It Yourself
 Pando featuring Diana J  The Circle of Love [Club mix]  Melodica
 Pandora  Already Gone [RainDropz! Remix Edit]  Uptunes
 Panjabi  Panjabi Mc_Mundian to bach ke 2K17 (Nick Peloso Rmx)  
 Paola  Angel [Jordi Carreras Remix]  
 Paolo Benvenuto  Cupido [R.A.G. DJ Remix]  
 Paolo Ferrari & Andrea Giudita  The Sun In The Night E.P. [The Night Mix]  Elite
 Paolo Meneguzzi  Lei É [Remix Radio Edit]  
 Paolo Pellegrino feat Raphael  Take Me For A Fool [Samuele Liani Reled remix]  Bang
 PaperBoy  Step By Step [Radio Mix]  
 PaperBoy  Special Day [Radio Edit]  Moremoney
 Papi Sanchez  Enamòrame [DIY Remix]  
 Paps 'n' Skar  Get It On [Peter dj Danza Psyko Mix]  
 Paps 'n' Skar  Twilight of Love [DJ Maxwell Star Radio]  DanceAndLove
 Paps 'n' Skar  Twilight of Love [Claster dEEJAY]  
 Paps 'n' Skar  Twilight of Love [Bietto RMX]  
 Paps 'n' Skar  Twilight of Love [DAGMA E65 Extended Rmx]  
 Paps'N'Skar  Bambina [Seleco Remix Edit]  
 Paps'N'Skar  Mon Amour [Vanni G Radio Version]  
 Paps'N'Skar  La Luna [Dance Mix]  
 Paps'N'Skar  La Luna [Talk About Version]  
 Paps'N'Skar  Loving You [Lovely Edit]  VMP International Singapore
 Paps'N'Skar  Uno [IDN Mix]  
 Paps'N'Skar  One More time (Down Town)  
 Paps'N'Skar  Vieni Con Me [DJ Maxwell Remix]  
 Paps'N'Skar  Balla [Dance Version]  
 Paps'N'Skar  Love Is Love [Euphoria Edit]  Universal Music Austria
 Paps'N'Skar  Balla [DJ Maxwell Remix Edit]  
 Paps'N'Skar  Just For Tonight [Pride Radio Edit]  
 Paps'N'Skar  Ti Ricordi Quella Volta [Summer Radio Edit]  
 Paps'N'Skar  Ti Ricordi Quella Volta [OverLand Remix]  
 Paps'N'Skar  Che Vuoto Che C'è [Take A Sample] [Edit]  
 Paps'N'Skar  La Dance [DJ Mauro Vay GF Remix]  BIT Records
 Paps'N'Skar  La Dance [Tarquini & Khrys Rmx]  BIT Records
 Paps'N'Skar vs. Gabry Ponte  Bambina [Synapse DJ 65 Extended Mix]  National DJ Event
 Paps'N'Skar vs. Gabry Ponte  Bambina [DJ Zazza Maranzatore Attivato Extended Mix]  
 Party Pimpz  Holiday  
 Party Rockerz  True Colors [Ryan N remix]  
 PartyFlieger  Perfekt Genial [Extended]  ARC Records
 Partyheadz  Right Or Wrong [Pure Dust vs. GITH FM]  
 Partyshaker feat. Liza Lee  Sunrise Of Love [GITH Edit]  
 Passi Falsi  Entre La Gente [Jordi Carreras Remix]  
 Patricia Mare  Bambolero  Exe Records
 Paul Jackson  Only One  
 Paul Jockey feat. Larry  Fly [DaRunDara]  Universal Music Austria
 Paul K  Do You Believe  
 Paul Parker  With or Without You [Almighty radio edit]  Fantasia
 Paulo Roberto  Estate '83  Planeta Mix
 Pavesi Sound feat. Aron Michael  Survive [Paps 'N' Skar Radio Edit]  Universal Licensing Music (ULM)
 PDJ feat. Lizzy B.  Funny Day  
 PDJ feat. Lizzy B.  Funny Day [Hotel Saint George Remix]  
 PDJ feat. Lizzy B.  Funny Day [Roberto Molinaro Club Concept]  Do It Yourself Entertainment
 PDJ feat. Sonya  Go Go (To The Disco) [Original Mix]  
 PDJ feat. Sonya  Go Go (To The Disco) [PDJ vs. Sander Remix]  
 PDJ feat. Sonya  Go Go (To The Disco) [Salt & Water Remix]  Do It Yourself Entertainment
 Peach  Anywhere [Eiffel 65 Radio Mix]  Universal Music
 Pelican  Dont You Know [Club Mix] (IDN Remaster)  
 Peppe Alberti  3 Face [Radio Edit]  VNL
 Peppe Raudino  Ali [Dj sTore vs. Dj Niky Remix]  Italo Dance Records
 Peppe Raudino  Ali [Miki M. Remix]  Italo Dance Records
 Peppe Raudino feat Jungly  Oggi ti amo per sempre [Lentamente Mix]  Arcired
 Performance  Come into my Dreams [Radio Remix 2013]  MVA Star Records
 Persian Raver  Dance Floor [Radio Edit]  Mental Madness Germany
 Persian Raver & FIO  Like An Angel [Domasi Remix]  Mental Madness Germany
 Persian Raver & FIO  Like An Angel [Club Mix]  Mental Madness Germany
 Persian Raver & Trane  Cant You See [Dance Rocker Remix]  Mental Madness
 Persian Raver & Trane  Cant You See [Danceboy Remix Edit]  Mental Madness
 Persian Raver & TRANE feat. Farisha  Zombie [Domasi & FranJ Remix Edit]  Mental Madness Records
 Persian Raver & TRANE feat. Farisha  Zombie [Sander Remix Edit]  Mental Madness Records
 Persian Raver & TRANE feat. Farisha  Zombie [Dance Mix]  Mental Madness Records
 Persian Raver & TRANE feat. Farisha  Zombie [Zombie Mix]  Mental Madness Records
 Persian Raver feat. Patricia Edwards  Take me away [Bietto Remix Edit]  Mental Madness Germany
 Peter DJ  It's My Beat [Aggressive Dance Mix]  
 Peter DJ  It's time to dance  
 Peter DJ  My DJ  
 Peter DJ & SunnyBoy  The Love Song [Peter dj danza sole mix]  
 Peter DJ feat. Charlie  I Love Forever [Naico & Zazza Italo Style Mix]  
 Peter DJ feat. Charlie  In Your Dream [Peter DJ Danza Mix]  
 Peter DJ feat. Charlie  I Love Forever [PROMO]  
 Peter DJ feat. Charlie  My Angel  
 Peter DJ feat. Charlie  My Dream Is To Fly [Volando Mix]  
 Peter DJ feat. Charlie  I Love Forever [SicuLand Remix]  
 Peter DJ feat. Charlie  I Love Forever [Maldox Remix]  
 Peter DJ feat. Charlie & Luisa  My Angel [Peter DJ Reloaded Remix]  
 Peter Richard  Walking in the Neon [Dub Version Cut]  
 Peter Wilson  Lonely Is The Night [Matt Pop Extended Mix]  ZYX
 Peter Zimmermann  Luv Like Fire (feat Oscar - Nicolas Chenard remix)  
 Phil Giava feat Fio  Gimme Your Love [Dreambuster Bangin remix]  DMN
 Phil Jay  Feel Alive [Edit Synth]  Do It Yourself
 Philtronic feat. Lillian  Soy La Barbie Girl [Extended DJs]  
 Phonograph  Come 2 Party [Come2Radio]  No Colors
 Phunkerz  Come into this side [Apulianoise Remix]  
 Phuntune  Sitting Down Here [Original Mix]  Buntspecht Music
 Pianola  Don't Miss The Bliss  Houzy Records
 Piero Pelu  Toro Loco [Eiffel 65 Remix]  Warner Music (Italy)
 Pinball  Make It Happen [Big Room Mix]  
 Pinky Tongue  Come To Me [Extended Club]  DIY - Do It Yourself
 Pirates Cove  Bucanieri  
 Pirelli & Modica feat. Luca Zeta  Crazy Summer [Edit Mix]  Inner Records
 Plastique  To The Beat [Vocal Lirycal Mix]  Housy Records
 Playahitty  The Summer Is Magic [Lazybox Italodance Remix]  
 Player 8th  Let It All Go (Ka Mate)  Spy Records
 Playhouse  Bailando [Extended Mix]  
 Plug In  Ragazza Elettrica [Plug In Radio Edit]  BIT Records
 Plug In  Ragazza Elettrica [DJ Maxwell Radio Edit]  BIT Records
 Plug In feat. Luna  Smile Again [Plug In Radio Edit]  Bit Records
 Plug In feat. Luna  Smile Again [DJ Maxwell Remix]  Bit Records
 Plug In feat. Luna  Smile Again [Bit Mix]  Bit Records
 Pol Rossignani  Troverai [Radio Mix]  Planeta Mix Records S.L.
 Pol Rossignani  Change [Radio Mix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Polariz  Magic Fly  
 Pop Lovers  Not A Love Song [Radio Edit]  
 Poplife  I Wonder Why [Jordi Carreras Remix]  
 Power Francers and D  Bag - Pompo Nelle Casse [Dj-EviL 65 Style Remix]  
 PrezerD. feat. Emy  Come To Me [Italo Radio Remix]  
 PrezerDJ  Dreams Come True [Tanz Extended Mix]  Disco Planet Records
 PrezerDJ feat. Alicia  Baila  Crisler
 PrezerDJ feat. Emy  My Fantasy [Radio mix]  
 PrezerDJ feat. Emy  Don't Tell Me A Lie [DJ Clad & Prez Extended Remix]  
 PrezerDJ feat. Emy  I'm Alone  
 PrezerDJ feat. Emy  Easy Love [Dance Passion Radio Remix]  Agenda
 PrezerDJ feat. Tamy  Penso A Te  Crisler
 Prezioso & Marvin  I believe [Hands Up Radio Edit]  Mathouse Records
 Prezioso feat. Marvin  Le Louvre [Brothers Remix]  
 Prezioso feat. Marvin  Right Here Waiting  
 Prezioso feat. Marvin  Bonjour [Radio Edit]  Universal Licensing Music (ULM)
 Prezioso feat. Marvin  Rock The Discotek [Video Edit]  Universal Licensing Music (ULM)
 Prezioso feat. Marvin  Le Louvre [Radio Edit]  
 Prezioso feat. Marvin  We Rule The Danza  Time Records
 Prezioso feat. Marvin  Survival [Gabry Ponte Remix]  Balloon Records
 Prezioso feat. Marvin  In My Mind  
 Prezioso feat. Marvin  Let's Talk About A Man [Radio Edit]  
 Prezioso feat. Marvin  Somebody [Radio Mix]  
 Prezioso feat. Marvin  Voglio Vederti Danzare  
 Prezioso feat. Marvin  Let Me Stay  
 Prezioso feat. Marvin  Tell Me Why  
 Prezira  Overland [Promo]  
 Prezira  Be the one [Radio Edit]  
 Prezira feat. Mariano  Cuore Che Batte [DarkProject Radio Mix]  
 Prezira feat. Mariano  Cuore Che Batte [DjRaffy Remix]  Senza Base
 Primadonna  Angel You [Club Mix]  Many Records
 Primadonna  Flashing on the Floor [Extended]  Many Records
 Primero  Fuck It Micky Modelle Kleen Ku  
 Primero  Not In Love [Radio Edit]  
 Primero  Naked In The Rain [Futureforce Euro Vocal Mix]  
 Primero  White Flag [Futureforce Ed.]  
 Primero  I Love My Radio [Radio Edit]  
 Privilege  Make Me Happy [Original Edit Mix]  Vale Music
 PromiseLand  Voulez Vous Danser [Extended Mix]  
 PromiseLand  Live Your Life [Extended Mix]  
 PromiseLand  I Really Mean What I Say  
 PromiseLand  I Belong To You [PromiseLand & DJ Nick Radio Remix]  
 Promiseland  I belong to you [Dj Bovoli Volando remix]  
 PromiseLand feat. Mantero  BattiCuore [Idea Extended Remix]  
 Provenzano & Danijay  Ride The Way  
 Provenzano & PromiseLand  Let Me Be [Hypertraxx Remix Cut]  ZYX
 Provenzano DJ feat. Lizzy B  Sound Is Back  
 Provenzano DJ feat. Lizzy B.  Vibe [Danijay Remix]  
 Provenzano DJ feat. Lizzy B.  Sound Is Back [PromiseLand Remix Edit]  
 Psy  Gangnam Style [Dj-Evil 65s Radio Edit]  DJ Evil E.P.1
 Psy  Gentleman [Dj Keith Italodance remix]  
 PSY Gangnam Style Vs Hoxygen Close Your Eyes  [Dj Biagio Mash-Up]  
 Psychic Interface  Tribal Stomp [Maxi Remix]  ZYX
 Public Passion  Flash In The Night  ZYX Records
 Pulsedriver  Able to Love [Single Mix]  Aqualoop Records
 Pulsedriver  Cambodia [Classic Edit]  Aqualoop Records
 Pure Dust  Let Me Breathe [GITH Edit]  
 Pure Dust  Call Me [Club Radio edit]  
 Push Hertz  Me Ne Frego [Original Full Mix]  
 Push Hertz  Me Ne Frego [Datura Old Style Mix]  
 Push Hertz  Me Ne Frego [Datura Tanz Radio Edit]  Houzy
 PXL.Boy  Sms-Lover [Radio Version]  Koch Records

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