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- we are busy with new functions so please have some patience when it doesnt work fully or correctly :)

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Artist Title Label Fav Request
 S'Dolce  I'll Fly [Radio Mix]  Pielle
 S-Sense  The Way [Hard Times Mix]  New Meal Power
 S.L.U.M.  Paradise  More Money
 S.T.B.  Now With Love [Italodance Radio Edit]  ARC Records
 S.T.B.  The Way You Do [Fabrizio e Marco Recipe]  
 S4D Project  Aria [Bietto Remix]  Planeta Mix Records
 S4D Project  Aria [Dj Cillo Remix]  Planeta Mix Records
 S4D Project  Aria [Dj Hunter Remix]  Planeta Mix Records
 S4D Project  Aria [Domasi Remix]  Planeta Mix Records
 S4D Project  Aria [Gabry'n Style Remix]  Planeta Mix Records
 S4D Project  Aria [Radio Edit]  Planeta Mix Records
 Sabrina  Colour Me [Original Version]  Do It Yourself Multimedia Group
 Sabrina  Boys  
 Sabrina Salerno  I Feel Love [Radio Edit]  
 Sabrina Salerno  Erase Rewind [Andrea T. Mendoza vs. Tibet Mix]  
 Safeway  Be My Baby [Criminal Extended Mix]  
 Safeway  I'm In Love [Molella Remix]  Do It Yourself
 Sak Noel  Loca People [N-H Project Bootleg Mix]  
 Sak Noel  Loca People [Dj-EviL 65s Radio Edit]  DJ Evil E.P.1
 Sak Noel Loca People vs  Gigi D'Agostino Gigi's Love [Dj Biagio Mash-Up]  
 Salif Keita  Madan [Remix]  
 Sally Can Dance  You Spin Me Round [Paps'N'Skar Radio Remix]  Tempo Music
 Sally Can Dance  Give It Up [Paps'N'Skar Remix]  
 Sally Shapiro  All My Life  Paper Bag Records Fontana North
 Sally Shapiro  If It Doesnt Rain [Extended Mix]  ZYX Music
 Salsotto  Feeling So Happy  
 Salsotto feat. DJ Stella  No Time For Lies [Extended Mix]  
 Sam Denym feat. Jérňme Thévenot  Romance Roses [Radio Mix]  J.K.R. Records
 Sam Denym feat. Nevia  Romance Roses [Mediterranean Vocal]  J.K.R. Records
 Sandbox  Do It Again [Small Box]  
 Sander  Atmosphera [Retouched]  
 Sander  I Don't Care [HeartStyle Edit]  
 Sander  I Don't Care [AllDay X-Tended]  
 Sander  Computer Love [HeartStyle Edit Mix]  Inner Records
 Sander feat. Elissa  Forever Para Ti [DanceMania Edit]  
 Sander feat. Elissa & FoXx  Forever Para Ti 2k12 [HeartStyle Edit]  Inner Records
 Sander pres. RaveCore  Let's Go West  
 Sandra  In The Heat Of The Night 2007 [Future Vision Remix]  
 Sandro Bit  Ciao Sono Io  DIY - Do It Yourself
 Sandy B.  Make The World Go Round  
 Sandy B.  Make The World Go Around 2004  
 Sarah  The Captain Of Her Heart [Euro Dance 90]  Scarlet Dance
 Sarina Paris  Just About Enough [Radio Edit]  EMI Music (Italy)
 Sarkis Edwards ft SoundHackers  Something to Believe [Johnny Beat Gentle Remix]  Beastseller
 Sasha Barbot  Island Dream [Dance Rocker Remix]  
 Savage  Don't You Want Me [Radio Version]  DWA
 Savage  Only You  ZYX
 Savage  Twothousandnine [Italo Radio]  DWA (Dance World Attack)
 Savage  Don't Cry Tonight  DiscoMagic Records
 Savage  Save Me [Vocal Remix]  ZYX Music
 Savage  And You Are [Radio Version]  
 Saverio & Lele  Nando Discoteca [Prezioso & Marvin Remix]  
 Sboops Group vs. Fcdeejay  Because The Night [Radio Edit]  
 Schiffer Mine feat. Daniels  On The Dance Floor [DJ Devil Original Mix]  Fluida Records
 Schiller feat. Heppner  Life... I Feel You [DIY Remix]  DIY - Do It Yourself
 Schiller mit Heppner  Dream Of You [Molella Radio Rmx]  Do It Yourself Entertainment
 Schoko & Spanio  Le Ball [Bim Bum Mix]  Hidden Records
 Scotch  Disco Band  Zyx
 Scotch  Delirio Mind  ZYX Records
 Scotty  Don't Cry Tonight  
 Screen Dream  Coming Into The Land [Paradise Remix]  
 Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso  Calling [Dj-EviL 65s Radio Edit]  DJ Evil E.P.1
 Selena Gomez & The Scene  Love You Like A Love Song  
 Sensual K  Your Game Is Over [Dancing Remix]  
 September  Cry For You [Radio Edit]  
 Seven Seals  Das Omen  Mva Star Records
 Seventh heaven  Your Soul  
 Seventh Heaven  It's A Dream [Radio Edit]  
 Sexproof  Every Day [Euro Club Concept]  
 Sexproof  Every Day [Original Mix FM Cut]  
 Shanti  Sole Mare Amore [Dance Remix]  
 Sharp  Shake Me  
 Sheby  Last Chance For This Love [Original Mix]  
 Sheby  Your Song [Hoxygen & Krystal Tam Tam Remix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Sheby  Your Song [Dance Rocker Remix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Sheila stewart  Tonight  Made Up Records
 Shi Xin Hui  From Taipei To Beijing [C.Y.T. vs DJ Gio Radio Edit]  
 Shivas  Indian Love  ART
 Shortcut  B The 1 [Extended Maranzatron Mix]  
 Shortcut  B The 1 [Radio Trancemission Mix]  
 SIA  Chandelier [DJ Angelino Alquanto 90's Remix]  
 Siberian Heat  Irresistible [Special ZYX Version]  ZYX
 Sicilian Team feat. Katok  Everyday [Trinacria Edit]  Karika Records
 SicuLand feat. Nik  Deep Down [Tanz Mix]  ItaloDance Records (DPR)
 Silent Circle  Touch In The Night  Zyx
 Silent Circle  Moonlight affair Remix  
 Silicon Brothers feat. Pamela  Knockin' [Radio Mix]  
 Silvie Lorraine  You Belong To Me  Do It Yourself
 Silvie Lorraine  TarirarĂ  TararirĂ  [Club Edit]  New Music International
 Simone  Il Mondo Che Non Chè [Molella Remix]  
 Simone De Filippis  Sogni Nel Cassetto Non Ne Ho [PromiseLand Rmx]  Melodica
 Sinus  Italo Disco [Radio Edit]  La Ville
 Siria  Endless Summer [Sander Remix]  
 Siruan  Evviva L' Italia  Inner Records
 Skam  Right In The Night [Skam Mix]  
 Skassa  Lezione Di Kassa [Backstab Mix]  
 Skassa feat. Liz  Buga!  UNRELEASED
 Skudo  Una Favola Che Vivra [Radio Edit]  
 Skudo  Like A Vision [Radio Edit]  
 Slow Man  Piano Forte  Disco Planet Records
 Slow Man  Dentro Piove  Disco Planet Records
 Slowbrothers  Voglia d'estate [DJ Store Remix]  Disco Planet Records
 Small Town Boys  In Your Eyes [Radio Club Edit]  
 Small Town Boys  Nostalgia Di Te [Extended Mix]  
 Small Town Boys  Forever [Scenziato DJ's Remix]  
 Smallteens  I Believe In Love [Club Radio]  Vale Music
 SMS  Rockin Generation [Rock The Club]  
 SMS  Escandalo [Xplosiva Radio Mix]  TIME (2)
 SMS feat. Rehb  La Vie Cest Fantastique [Fantastique Radio Mix]  
 Soft Pillows feat. Nevia  Vien (medley with laila) [Habakus Rmx]  SunFlower Italy
 Sol  In Energy We Trust  
 SolidShark  Don't Break My Heart (Remixes) [Flixxcore Radio Mix]  Redlight-Media
 Sonido Latino  Sueno [PrezerDJ Concept FM Cut]  MDV 006
 Sonny Aka  Joker  
 Sophie  C'est L'Amour [Provenzano DJ & PromiseLand HDS Rmx]  
 Sopreman  Muovi Il Collo [Wender Maxwell Remix 2010]  Halidon
 Soranna  You [Dance Rocker Remix]  Planet Dance Music
 Soriani brothers  Take Me One More Time  Net's Work Records
 Soul Black  You're Mine [domyP Remix]  DPR
 Soul Black  You're Mine [DJ Carmixer & DJ Save Remix]  DPR
 Soul Black  You're Mine [Tony Change & DJ G Remix]  DPR
 Soulkeeper  Deeper [Gigi D'Agostino Viaggio Mix]  
 Sound Carpenter  Taglialegna  Tratti Sonori / DOS
 Sound Exiters  Luv Me Baby  
 Sound On Line  Creeping [BIS Italo Dance Mix]  
 Sound On Line feat Nathalie Aarts  Vodka Lemon [Cognac & Cigars Remix Edit]  Qwick
 Soundflower  Free The Music [Stagediverz Remix]  
 Soundflower  Show Me The Way [Radio]  
 Soundtronic  Can you hear Me [Original Radio]  X-Energy Italy
 Souvenir D'Italie  Boys & Girls [Fashion Night]  
 Space Belle  Baby I'm A Star [Spaceradio Mix]  EMI Electrola
 Spaghetti Gangsters  La Estrella En Mi Vida [Gangsters Radio]  
 Spagna  The magic of Love [Radio Edit]  Off Limits Italy
 Spai & Jhon feat. Alex Teddy  Cassa Dritta [Supermarket Mix]  
 Spai & Jhon feat. Alex Teddy  Potente Dolente  
 Spai & Jhon feat. Luka  Play 4 You [2008 Vision]  Fluida Records
 Spanic  Sister Golden Hair [Remix]  
 Spankox  To The Club  
 Speed Step  Call Me [radio]  
 Speedmaster Project  What Is Love 2007 [Full Gainer Remix]  
 Speedy X Spin  She [DJ Gollum Radio Edit]  Sub-Zero Records
 Spin Factory  To Fight [Fly mix]  
 Split Mirrors  Voices [Jenkki Remix Cut]  Trigger Jam Records
 Spoot  Morning Sun [Club Mix]  
 Spring  Keep On Dreaming  
 Spring  Pretty Girl [Gig Mix] [Radio Edit]  Vale Music
 Spring Break  Big Bad Love  
 Squash Gang  I Want An Illusion  
 Stacey K.  Stell die Uhr nochmal zurück [Extended]  ARC Records
 Stacey K.  Stell die Uhr nochmal zurück [Dance Rocker Extended]  ARC Records
 Stacey K.  Stell die Uhr nochmal zurück [Sander Extended]  ARC Records
 Stacey K.  Could You Be The One [Italo Revival Mix]  ARC-Records Austria
 Stacey K.  Could You Be The One [Tbm Dj Extended]  ARC-Records Austria
 Starfield Feat Nick Straker  A Walk In The Park  
 Starknights  Take Your Mind [Radio Mix]  
 Starsplash  Cold As Ice  
 Start*Noise  YMDJ [Italian Extended Version]  
 Start*Noise  Mohikans [Promo Edit]  
 Start*Noise  Little Girl [Radio Mix]  
 Start*Noise  Toxic [Marco Skarica Extended Mix]  
 Start*Noise  Russian Dance [Radio Edit]  
 State Of The Heart  Another World [2K Extended Mix]  Universal Music Austria
 Stefano Secchi feat. Taleesa  A Brighter Day  
 Stefy  Tu Remix 2005 [Extended Mix]  
 Stefy NRG  I Need My Music [Danijay Rmx]
 Stefy NRG  I Need My Music [Satomi Radio]  
 Stefy NRG  Promise [SaN-R-G Radio Edit]  
 Stefy NRG  I Need My Music [GITH Edit]  
 Stefy NRG  It's A Fable [SaN-R-G Radio Edit]  
 Stefy NRG  It's A Fable [Datura Amor Radio]  
 Stefy NRG & Alessia Kay  Whisper [SaN-R-G X-Tended]  Movimental
 Stefy NRG & Sander  I Wanna Dance [SaN-R-G Edit]  Blissco
 Stefy NRG feat. Mr Dee  Love Is A Miracle [Sander Remix]  Blissco
 Stefy NRG feat. Nathalie  Music Is My Life [SaN-R-G Edit]  Blissco
 Stellar Project  Get Up Stand Up  
 Steve Twain pres. Escape One  Upside Down [Italo Mix]  Agenda / Balloon Records
 Strictly M.O.R.  Let The Music Play  
 Strip Poker  Kiss Me All Over  
 Strip Poker  Kiss Me All Over [DJ Mauro Vay GF Remix]  ARC Records
 Styloo  Pretty face (live)  
 Stylove & Frank Lozano  Story of my Life  
 Sun Connection  Love Me Like A Flower [Original Mix]  
 Sun Kidz & Marhz Inc. feat. Destiny  Lights Are On [Domasi 2008 Radio Remix]  ARC Records
 Sun Kidz feat. Amanda  Dreams [Original Extended]  Arc Records
 Sun Kidz feat. David Posor  Hold me now [TBM DJ Radio Edit]  Arc Records (Austria)
 Sun Kidz feat. David Posor  Halt mich fest [Original Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Sun Kidz feat. Destiny  Wake Up [TBM DJ Radio Edit]  ARC Records
 Sun Kidz feat. Destiny  Wake Up [Original Extended]  
 Sun Kidz feat. Sandra  Summer Is Calling [TBM DJ Radio Edit]  
 Sun Kidz feat. Sandra  Forever [TBM DJ Radio Edit]  Arc Records
 Sunday  True  
 Sunnyboy  Angelo [Motel Synth George Radio Edit]  ARC Records
 Sunnyboy  Angelo [Luna Felix Radio Edit]  ARC Records
 Sunnyboy  Angelo [SicuLand Radio Edit]  ARC Records
 SunnyBoy  Dance In The Sky [DiMa Dj NEW Remix]  
 SunnyBoy  Dance Angelico [DjPiJaLiS Extended Remix Cut]  
 Sunnyboy  Egi Tanc [New Radio Edit]  
 SunnyBoy  Dance in the sky (Égitánc) [Dj sTore Rmx]  
 SUNNYBOY  The Girl [DJ Paul Hb On Atmosphere Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 SunnyBoy  Mr Moon [Dj sTore 2011 Rmx]  
 SUNNYBOY  The Girl [DJ Jpedroza Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 SunnyBoy  Mr Moon [Dj Cillo Remix]  
 SunnyBoy  Canzone Cuore (Heart Song) [Dance Rocker Soft Remix]  
 SunnyBoy  SweetStar [Dj sTore Rmx]  
 SunnyBoy  Almost Heaven [Angelo Ciaravola Heaven Remix]  AC Digital Records
 SunnyBoy  Almost Heaven [Hrde Remix]  AC Digital Records
 SunnyBoy  Sweet Star 2012 [Bietto Remix]  AC Digital Records
 SunnyBoy  Crazy Wind [Bietto Remix]  AC Digital
 SunnyBoy  Crazy Wind [R.A.G. DJ Remix]  AC Digital
 SunnyBoy  Crazy Wind [Luigi Elettrico Wind Mutation]  AC Digital
 SUNNYBOY  The Girl [Bietto Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 Sunnyboy  Angelo [New Version 2012]  A.C. Digital Records
 Sunnyboy  Angelo [Dj JPedroza Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 Sunnyboy  Angelo [Bietto Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 Sunnyboy  Angelo [R.A.G. DJ Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 Sunnyboy  Angelo [Luigi Elettrico Angelo Meccanico]  A.C. Digital Records
 SunnyBoy  StoryBook Story [Andrea Decibel Remix]  AC Digital
 SunnyBoy  StoryBook Story [Bietto Rmx]  AC Digital
 Sunnyboy  Storybook Story [Bovoli & Grek! Sunnysea Remix]  AC Digital
 SunnyBoy  Torn Pictures [Dj JPedroza Mix  A.C. Digital Records
 SunnyBoy  Canzone Cuore [Bietto Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 SUNNYBOY  The Girl [Lizana Project Italodance Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 SUNNYBOY  The Girl [Marko Maio Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 SUNNYBOY  The Girl [Nik DJ Pensando Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 SUNNYBOY  The Girl [Original Heart Version Mix]  A.C. Digital Records
 SUNNYBOY  The Girl [S.l.m. Project Dance Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 SunnyBoy  I Will Never Forget [Bietto RMX]  A.C. Digital Records
 SunnyBoy  I Will Never Forget [Dj sTore ItaloDance Rmx]  A.C. Digital Records
 SunnyBoy  I Will Never Forget [Angelo Ciaravola Classic Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 SunnyBoy  Mr Moon [Angelo Ciaravola DanzaMix]  A.C. Digital Records
 SunnyBoy  Mr Moon 2013 [ Dj Paul Hb. On Atmosphere Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 SunnyBoy  Angelo 2014 [Mati D. Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 Sunnyboy  Ballo Angelico 2014 [Dj Paul Hb. iT Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 SunnyBoy  Egyszer Volt 2014 (Once Upon a Time) [Bietto RMX]  A.C. Digital Records
 Sunnyboy  Still [Domasi Extended Remix]  
 Sunnyboy  A Little Christmas Song [ItaloLoverz Eurochristmas Mix]  
 SunnyBoy  Angelo X-Mas 2.DANCE version  
 SunnyBoy  Just Music [Bietto RMX]  
 Sunrise Electro  One Time [DJ Gio Revival Mix]  ARC-Records Austria
 Sunrise Electro  Catch My Breath [DJ Gio Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Sunrise Electro  Catch My Breath [Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Supadriverz  I'm Your Angel  
 Supaled  Happy Children [Extended Mix]  
 Supasonic  Lullabow [Tender Mix]  Sunflower
 Supasonic  Lullabow [DJ Satomi Spin Mix]  Sunflower
 Supasonic  Love Again  
 Supasonic  Tomorrow [DJ Satomi Mix]  
 Super Mario DJ & DBM ft. Teddy  Miami (take me to) [Radio edit]  BIT Records
 Super Mario DJ & Dr.M.  Inside Me [Italo Dance Radio Mix]  BIT Records
 Super Mario DJ & Dr.M.  Inside Me [Alternativ Radio Mix]  BIT Records
 Super Mario DJ & Dr.M.  My Saturday Night [ItaloDance Radio Edit]  BIT Records
 SuperEva  Thinking Of You [Eiffel 65 Radio Rmx]  BMG Ricordi S.p.A.
 Superior Art Creation  Avere Vent'Anni  Armonica Records
 Superstar  Queen Of The Night [Adam Powers Radio Edit]  Sony Music Entertainment (Denmark)
 Superstar  Queen Of The Night [Mo & Jack Radio Edit]  Sony Music Entertainment (Denmark)
 Surisan  Where Have You Gone [DJ Zulan Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Surisan  Where Have You Gone [TBM DJ Radio Edit]  ARC-Records Austria
 Surisan  I believe [DJ Gio Extended]  ARC Records
 Surisan  The only one [DJ Gio Extended]  ARC Records
 Surisan  Give it up [Trancephonic Extended]  ARC Records
 Survivor  Eye Of The Tiger [Zazza's Way Radio]  
 Susan Bee  Take My Life [Luca Zeta Edit Remix]  Inner Records
 Susan Bee  Take My Life [Original Pop Dance Edit Mix]  Inner Records
 Susy Be  Tell Me [Power Club Mix]  
 Swan  Don't talk about it [Extended Version]  Memory Records
 Swedish & BlitzdiPluto Feat. Favara  Panino Al Prosciutto [Dj sTore Bootleg]  
 Sweetland  Don't Let Me Go [Italian Vocals Radio Mix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Sweetland  Here I Am [Italian Vocals Radio Mix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Sweetland  My Desire [Radio Mix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Synkro Boys  My Night [Radio Edit]  BIT Records
 Synthesis  Galactic Dream [Extended]  ZYX Music
 Syreen  Touch The Sky [Radio Edit]  
 Syrian feat Marian Gold (from Alphaville)  Supernova [Club Rework]  
 Syrius  Noi Due Nel Mondo E Nell'Anima  
 Systematic  Everyday [Radio Edit]  

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