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- we are busy with new functions so please have some patience when it doesnt work fully or correctly :)

ps. due the work the FAV function doesnt seem to work (Add) at this moment, we are looking to solve that.

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Artist Title Label Fav Request
 T & F vs. Moltosugo  La Serenissima [Club Mix]  
 T & F vs. Moltosugo  La Serenissima [DJ Maxwell Remix]  
 T & F vs. Moltosugo vs. Rondo  Stay  
 T - Zone  Do You Know Where You  
 T 42 feat. Sharp  Set Me Free [Fargetta Radio Edit]  No Colors
 T 42 feat. Sharp  Run To You [Fargetta Radio Edit]  No Colors
 T 42 feat. Sharp  Run To You [Devotional Radio Edit]  No Colors
 T'pau  China in Your Hands  
 T. Caruso & D. Valenziano  Love Me More  
 T. Caruso vs. Sanny J  Believe In Me  
 T. Towers  Radiopower [Radio Edit]  Bianco & Nero
 T.F.O  Waiting 4 Your Love [12 Inch Version]  
 T.H. Express feat. Moe  (I'm) On Your Side  
 T.M. Joy  Say You'll Be Mine [Radio Edit]  
 Taboo  Sous La Tour Eiffel [Short Mix]  Sunshine Records
 Taboo  C'est La Vie [Extended Mix]  Electrotunes Germany
 Taeyeon  My love [Glaukor Italo4ever mix]  unofficial
 Taffy  I Love My Radio [Long Version]  
 Taleesa  Burning Up [Radio Mix]  TIME
 Talking Eyes feat Stylove  Computerized Love  
 Tam Harrow  Incredible  MK Music Industries
 Tami  Insieme A Me [Original Radio Mix]  Inner
 Tanzbrothers feat. McW  Infinity [DJ Zazza Extended Violin Mix]  
 Tapps  don't pretend to know  
 Tarquini  Another Day [Original Mix]  Gamepad
 Tarquini  Another Day [Angelo Ciaravola Remix]  Gamepad Records
 Tarquini & Prevale Made In Italy  Never Meet [Scarpi vs. LoNeLy LiNkS Re-Style Extended]  
 Tattoo feat. Teixi  Sin Mirar Atrás [Radio]  Moguda
 Tatu  All The Things She Said [Nik DJ Lentamente Mix]  
 Tazenda feat. Eros Ramazzotti  Domo Mia [Dj-EviL Radio Edit Remix]  
 TBM DJ  The EP Megamix vol. 1  ARC Records
 Tech Nique  I Need Your Love [Edition 1.0 Remix Radio Edit]  X-Energy Records
 Teckel  God You & Myself [Danzamatrix Radio Mix]  
 Teckel  Destination Luv [Radio Edit]  BIT Records
 Teo Mammucari  Nando [Mafa Remix]  Virgin / EMI
 Tess  The Second You Sleep [Remix]  
 Tess  The Second You Sleep [Extended]  
 TESS  Cry Away [Italo Disco extended mix]  Sunshine
 Tess  Cry Away [Italo Disco Extended]  ZYX Music
 Texture  Angel [The AR Remix]  Saifam
 Thalia  Un Alma Sentenciada [Dj Seleco & Dance Rocker Remix 2011]  
 The Arcane Charmers  The Witch Is Looking [Dance Rocker's Trip Remix]  Planeta Mix Spain
 The Arcane Charmers & McW  ItaloLand [Original Mix]  
 The Black Eyed Peas vs. Gigi D'Agostino  Where Is The Love of L'Amour Toujours [Deejay Phybis Inside Out Remix]  
 The Blue Chips  People From Ibiza [Radio Mix]  ZYX Records
 The Corporation feat. T. Powell  Everywhere [Italo Disco Remix]  
 The Cover Girls  You're Beautiful  
 The Coverman DJ feat Martina  My last goodbye [Marko Maio D-Effetto Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 The Coverman DJ feat Martina  My last goodbye [Nik DJ Italodance Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 The Coverman DJ feat Martina  My last goodbye [Rag DJ Style Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 The Creatures  Believe in Yourself  
 The Damaged Flower  Up In The Air [Techno Down Town]  
 The Dreamers  I Dream Of You [Marco Skarica & Enzino Extended]  
 The Dreamers  Dancefloor [Marco Skarica Radio Edit]  
 The Dreamers  I Believe [Super Mario Radio Edit]  
 The Dreamers  Dancefloor [Power Remix]  
 The Dreamers  Fly Away [Dance Radio Edit]  
 The Dreamers  Rise Up [medley with Mad World]  Bit Records
 The Dreamers  Living In A Fairytale [Short Fable]  BIT Records
 The French Touch  I Feel Alone [In Da Small Club Mix]  Bliss Corp
 The Glitterboys  Beautiful [Radio Edit]  
 The Gods of Love  I Love Christmas Time  MK
 The Groovy Code  The Way [Dance Extended Mix]  Karika
 The Joke  I'm In Love  
 The Mind  Disco Stu  
 The Produxer  Love Dream  
 The Produxer  My Paradise  Senza Base Records
 The Produxer  Love Dream [Extended]  BIT Records
 The Produxer feat. DDB  La Camisa Negra [Dance Mix]  Senza Base Records
 The Produxer feat. Stefano Scolaro  Discover [Extended]  BIT Records
 The Produxer feat. Stefano Scolaro  State Of Mind  
 The Riders  Bang  Wicked Rhythm
 The Sicilians  L'Italiano [Remix]  
 The Soundlovers  Shake Your Ass [Shaker Edit]  
 The Soundlovers  Another Day  
 The Soundlovers  Hyperfolk [Struscio Radio Mix]  
 The Soundlovers  All Day All Night [Beep Radio]  
 The Soundlovers  We Wanna Party [Album Version]  Do It Yourself Entertainment
 The SoundLovers  Run Away [Scotty remix edit]  Do It Yourself
 The SoundLovers  Run Away [DJ Jump & Jenny Dee radio edit]  Do It Yourself
 The Soundlovers  Be My Man [RSDJ & J-ART edit]  Do It Yourself
 The Soundlovers  Be my Man [MollyMix Short]  Do It Yourself
 The Soundtracks  Beautiful Moon [Radio Edit]  
 The Sun Company  Looking For Love [Radio Version]  Domino
 The Sweeps  The Last Dream [Flashback Remix]  ZYX
 The Trees  Liquid Sky (Callea and Rispoli 4 Radio)  
 The Underdog Project  Summer Jam [Freddy Remix]  unreleased
 The Underdog Project  Summer Jam [Dance Movement Radio Edit]  Vale Music
 The Usual Suspects  China Girl [Club Mix]  
 The Usual Suspects  Black Man Ray [EXR Club Reconstruction]  
 The Usual Suspects  Share Lovers  
 The Wonders  Why [Real Italodance FM]  
 The Xaygos  The Violin Of Love [Vocal Edit]  
 TheFree  Ti Amo [The Pirates Promo Remix]  
 Them Banshis  Nothing [Extended Version]  
 Thomas  Show Me The Way [FM Edit]  
 Thomas  You Will Fly [Extended]  
 Thomas  Last Day [Dance Extended]  
 Thomas  Show Me The Way [Freddy Remix]  
 Thomas Della Plata feat. Nat  Get It On  
 Thunder  Dancer [Dance Radio Mix]  
 Thunder  Deep Inside [Marco Skarica Dance Mix]  
 Thunder  Talking [Fireworks Dance Radio Mix]  
 Thunder Beat  You Keep  
 Ti.Pi.Cal feat. Kimara  Music Is My Life  
 Tibi Madness  Obsession [Radio Mix]  Hitland
 Ticket 3  Tell me more [Controller Sound Extended Remix]  
 Time Machine  Giddyap A Go Go  DOS - Diverse Onde Sonore
 TinyCat  Want U (Oh L'Amour)  
 Tiromancino  Per Me E' Importante [Dj Angel  
 Tiziana Rivale  Daily Dream  Interbeat
 Tiziano Ferro  Sere Nere [Promiseland Remix]  
 Tiziano Ferro  Non Me Lo So Spiegare Remix  
 TJ Fastor  Dancing With The Sun [Dance Remix]  
 TJ Fastor  Dancing With The Sun [Extended Mix]  
 Tobix  X Me 6 Musica [Car Classic]  Disco Planet Records
 Tobix  Waiting For Your Love [Radio]  
 Tobix  La gravita  
 Tobix  Sei Splendida [DJ Carmixer & DJ Evas Remix]  Disco Planet Records
 Tobix  Come Un Angelo [Original Mix]  Disco Planet Records
 Tocadisco feat David King  Feel [Yolanda Be Cool remix]  
 Tom Hooker & Miki Chieregato  No Elevation [Flashback Remix]  ZYX Music
 Tomatis  Ragazzo Di Strada [Dance Radio]  
 Tommy B. Waters  Love (Without You) [Italo Disco Remix]  
 Tommy Sun  Dancer [Italo Mix]  ZYX Music
 Tony Brown  Fly With Me  
 Tony Change  Do You Want Me [Dance Rocker Remix]  ItaloDance Records (DPR)
 Tony Change & Bietto feat. Andrea Morph  Un' estate al mare [Radio Mix]  A.C. Digital Records
 Tony Delta & Sfá  L'Americano  Fluida Records
 Tony Esposito  Kalimba De Luna  Zyx
 Tony H  A Question Of Time [Luca Morris Remix]  
 Tony H  A Question Of Time [President Mix]  
 Tony Laca vs. Alex Teddy  L'Importanza Della Voce [Lento Mix]  
 Tony Montana  Mamma Maria [Prezioso & Marvin Remix]  
 Torny & Seleco  Sei Gi Mia [Italo Dance Style]  Italo Rumble Digital
 Totem Floor 3  Buried Soul [DJ Ventafridda & DJ Kolla Mix]  
 TQ  Let the Night Remain Forever [Extended Version]  ZYX Music
 TQ  Let's Go to Tokyo [Axel Remix]  ZYX Music
 Tq & Linda Jo Rizzo  Out Of The Shadow [Extended]  ZYX Music
 Tracey Cole  In The Shadows  
 TrialCore  You Can Fly [Original Mix]  
 TrialCore  Take It [Original Mix]  Disco Planet Records
 TrialCore  La Mu.Si.Ca. [Original Mix]  Disco Planet Records
 TrialCore feat. Fantomius  I'm Flying To You [D@ny85DJ Radio Mix]  Agenda
 Triangle Of Italy  Labyrinth  Armonica Records
 Tridico  Io Resto Qui [Datura Radio Edit]  
 Trilogy  Don't Leave Me Now [HDS Remix]  
 Trim  Eye In The Sky [Dance Movement Radio Remix]  
 Trinity  Turn Me Left And Right [Original Mix]  BIT Records
 Tritonal Feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn  Satellite [Cesc D Passion Remix]  
 Trix  Bomb Bomb [Radio Mix]  Blanco Y Negro
 Trophy Blue  Inno Europeo 2004 [Forza Italia Mix]  
 Tss Proyect  Carrie  
 Tss Proyect  Se Feliz (feat Irantzu) [Tony Change Remix]  Planeta Mix Spain
 Tss Proyect & Dj Moncho  Welcome To My World [DjPiJaLiS Remix]  
 Tss Proyect feat Irantzu  Se Feliz [Discoduck Remix Edit]  Planeta Mix Records
 Tss Proyect feat keidy  No Eres Quien Eras [Italo extended mix]  Planeta Mix Records (Spain)
 Tss Proyect feat. Irantzu  Asi 2k8 [Juan Martinez Radio Remix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Tss Proyect feat. Irantzu  Me Voy De Fiesta [Dance Mix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Tss Proyect feat. Irantzu  Tonos [Manu GZ vs. Tss Proyect Mix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Tullio De Piscopo  Primavera 2004 (Stop Bajon)  
 Tune Up! vs Italobrothers  Colours Of The Rainbow [Radio Mix]  
 Tunzabria  Music Is My Life [AdoRed Original]  SPQ Sounds
 Turbotronic  Hey Girl [Radio Edit]  Planeta Mix Records
 Turntable Shockerz feat. Becca B.  Fake It [DJ Zulan Remix Edit]  Agenda
 Twenty Seven  Sing A Song  
 Two Heads  Do You Really Want My Love  
 Two Minds  Love Is [Fabrizio e Marco Cut]  Agenda

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