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- we are busy with new functions so please have some patience when it doesnt work fully or correctly :)

ps. due the work the FAV function doesnt seem to work (Add) at this moment, we are looking to solve that.

Do you miss any song in the playlist that you would like to add then please contact us!

Artist Title Label Fav Request
 J & V  I Just Wanna Dance [DJ Marauder remix]  
 J-An Project  Falling In Love [Extended Mix]  
 J.S.D.J. feat. Caternicchia  Cercando Un Posto [Piazzetta Bianca Radio Edit]  
 Jack Bass  Prince Of Love  Gamepad Records
 Jack Bass  I Really Want [Dany San Remix]  Italo Rumble Digital Records
 Jack Bass  I Really Want [Original Mix]  Italo Rumble Digital Records
 Jack Bass  Prince Of Love [Angelo Ciaravola Vision Mix]  Gamepad Records
 Jack Bass  Prince Of Love [DJ G Passion Remix]  
 Jadek  This Time [Extended]  BIT Records
 Jajo  L'Opera [Orchestral Radio Pump Mix]  BIT Records
 Jajo & GITH  Kick Down [GITH vs. Pitchman Remix]  
 Jam & Liam  Baby Goodbye [LAB Travel Mix]  
 Jam Tronik  Another Day In Paradise  ZYX
 Jam vs. Aika  You Know (What I Mean) [Radio]  
 Jan Wayne feat. Charlene  Here I Am [Extended Mix]  
 Janieck  Feel the Love [Ellen Bella Dance Remix]  
 Jap-Riders feat. Luca Zeta  My Energy [Let the bass go!!] [Ridebass Extended Mix]  
 Jap-Riders feat. Luca Zeta  Born To Win [R.A.G. DJ Remix]  
 Japan Girl  Disco Japan [Jap Hyper Traxx Remix Edit]  ARC Records
 Jason Ames  Looking Back [Get-Far Edit]  J & Q Records
 Jason Derulo  Fight For You [Emozioni Libere Trip]  
 Jay Jay Johanson  On The Radio [Gigi D'Agostino Remix]  
 JB Sound  Oh Yea Baby [Radio Active]  Dance Excess
 JB Sound  Turn It Up [Radio Edit]  Dance Excess
 JB Sound feat. Donna  One Step From Heaven [Original Radio Mix]  Hitland
 JD Project  Boulevard Of Broken Dreams [Extended Mix]  
 Jens O. & 666  Supa-Dupa Fly 2005 [Sander Remix]  
 Jérôme Thévenot  I Need You Love [R.A.G. DJ Remix 2012]  
 Jérôme Thévenot  Tu es si jolie [Glaukor vs DJ Raffy Concept Radio Edit]  
 Jérôme Thévenot  Tu Es Si Jolie [Pierre Kixx Rmx]  
 Jérôme Thévenot  Tu Es Si Jolie [Dj Bietto Rmx]  
 Jerome Thévenot  Tu es si jolie [Maio & Nik Dj Remix radio edit]  
 Jessica Blue  The Dark Of Light  Essecio
 Jessica Lange Aka Elsa Mars  Gods And Monsters (Dj Robbie Italo Remix)  
 Jessy  Nothing At All  Mostiko
 Jimmie Lind Feat. Jonas Lengst  Bring Me Back To Life [Radio]  PR Commercial
 Jimmy & Susy  Come Back  Zyx
 Jimmy Gomma  Guardian Angel [Original Mix]  
 Jimmy Gomma  Guardian Angel [Club Mix]  
 Jimmy Gomma  Feels Like Heaven [Radio Edit]  
 Jimmy Gomma  Feels Like Heaven [Club Mix]  
 Jimmy Gomma  Funky Beat  
 Jimmy Gomma  More Than This  Houzy Records
 Jinpachi Futushimo feat GianLu  I Have A Dream [Radio Edit]  
 Jive64  Chaotic Narcotic [TimeWaster Remix]  Redlight-Media
 JiZm0  Game Over  Jizmo - Game Over
 JJ Spencer  Better Safe Than Sorry [Extended Mix]  
 Jluis_DJ  Marilu [Extended Mix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Jluis_DJ  Dance On The Floor [Freddy Remix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Jluis_DJ  Dance On The Floor [Dario Synth Remix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Jluis_DJ  Dance On The Floor [DJ Save Remix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Jluis_DJ  Dance On The Floor [Original Radio Mix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Jluis_DJ  My Feeling [Freddy Remix]  Disco Planet Records
 Jluis_DJ  My Feeling [Carsave Remix]  DPR - Disco Planet Records
 Jluis_DJ  You Want Me [Radio Mix]  Planeta Mix Records
 Jluis_DJ  My Feeling [Radio Edit]  Disco Planet Records
 Jluis_DJ  I Just Wanna Be With You  Planeta Mix Records
 Jluis_DJ  Chiara [Original Radio Edit]  
 Jluis_DJ  Chiara [Na.mi.bros remix]  Planeta Mix Records (Spain)
 Jluis_DJ  Baila Conmigo [Radio Mix]  Planeta Mix Records (Spain)
 JMC vs. Luca Zeta  The Reason 2.8 [Luca Zeta Remix]  
 JockeyBoys  Adieu [Enfortro edit]  DMN
 Joe Face  Maniac [Extended Mix]  
 Joe Yellow  Lover To Lover [Remix]  
 Joe Yellow  Im your Lover  
 Joey Mauro  Japan Kiss [Marschall Longdrink Remix]  ZYX Music
 John Legend  Tonight [Giuseppe Sessini Remix]  
 Johnny Maker  Sunrise [DJ Power Radio Edit]  
 Johnny Maker  Trust In Me [DJ Power Mix]  Karika Records
 Johnny Maker & DJ Pask feat. Katok  Take My Love [DJ Power Edit]  Karika Records
 Joker Jay  Pump the bass [Original mix]  Style
 JollyMask  The Family [Extended Mix]  
 JollyMask  I Wanna Stay With You [Extended Mix]  Time Records
 JollyMask  Bee [M@x vs. Serel Remix]  
 JollyMask  Bee [Niny & Alby Remix]  
 JollyMask feat. Nathalie Aarts  Bee  
 JollyMask vs. KK  Where Do We Go [JollyMask Remix]  
 Jonathan Gable  Central Park  
 Jonathan Jay  Now [Extended Mix]  
 Jondeejay  Shining Star  
 Jordi Carreras  Tell Me Why [Jordi Carreras Club Mix]  
 Jordi Carreras  You Are Living  
 Jordi Carreras  Spilling Tears  
 Jordi Carreras vs. The Cock  Conquistadores [Radio Mix]  
 Jorrgus  Do Re Mi [Man & Group Italo Edit]  Planeta Mix Records
 Jose Garcia & Andreu Peret feat Sascha  Carry On [Extended Version]  Maxi Music
 Jovanotti  Il Piú Grande Spettacolo Dopo Il Big Bang [Dj-EviL Extended Rmx]  
 Jovanotti  La Notte Dei Desideri [Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Radio Edit]  
 Jovanotti  Sabato [Romano Dance 2000 Remix]  
 Joy Foundation  Make Luv  
 Joyful  Alegria [Crazyravers FM]  
 Joymania  Touch Your Bum [Original Radio Edit]  
 Joystik  Jumping Duck  
 JT Company  Feel It [A1 JT Company Team Version]  
 Juan Martinez & Coque Piraces feat. Erika Albero  Noche De Fiesta [Millennium Style Radio Remix]  Planeta Mix Records (Spain)
 Juan Martinez & Coque Piraces feat. Erika Albero  Noche De Fiesta [DJ Power Remix]  IART Group
 Jules  You and Me  
 Julia St. Louis  Wonder World [Original Single]  Buena Suerte Italy
 Julian DJ & Davide Sonar Pres.  Ameno [Mrk Euro Dance Extended Mix]  
 Julian DJ & Davide Sonar Pres.  Ameno [Julian DJ & Davide Sonar Remix]  
 Jungly  Deejay Robot [DJ Sanny J Original Radio]  
 Jungly  Deejay Robot [D@ny85DJ Radio Edit]  
 Jungly & Peppe Raudino  Ticket To Go [EmJ Remix]  Disco Planet Records

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