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- we are busy with new functions so please have some patience when it doesnt work fully or correctly :)

ps. due the work the FAV function doesnt seem to work (Add) at this moment, we are looking to solve that.

Do you miss any song in the playlist that you would like to add then please contact us!

Artist Title Label Fav Request
 L & L  Come In 2 My Life [Vanni G Edit}  NoColors
 L & M Project  Crazy Beatz  
 L.E.S. Project  You're Not Alone [Clean Bass Extended Mix]  
 L.E.S. Project  You're Not Alone [Original Mix]  
 L.E.S. Project  Like An Angel  
 L.E.S. Project feat. Andi Kongo  Me Ty [Radio Edit 1]  Press To Play
 L.E.S. Project feat. Morylin  Breathless [Extended Mix]  Press To Play
 L.E.S. Project feat. Paolo Pinna  I'll Be There [Radio]  Press To Play
 L.E.S. Project feat. Simone Galante  Everyday [Radio Edit 2]  Press To Play
 L.E.S. Project vs. Francesco Tarquini  Dance All Night [DJ Carmixer & DJ Save Remix]  Press-To-Play (Ganzo Records)
 L.E.S. Project vs. Francesco Tarquini  Dance All Night [DJ Power Remix]  Press-To-Play (Ganzo Records)
 L.E.S. Project vs. Prezer feat. Simone Galante  Open Your Eyes [Radio Edit 1]  Press To Play
 L.E.S. vs. Prezer DJ  I'm Falling In Love [Radio Edit]  ZYX
 L.I.N.K. feat. Johnny B.  Without You [Original Extended]  Do It Yourself
 L2R vs. Toto  Autre Chanson [Idea Short Rmx]  Universal Music (Italy)
 La Compagnia Del Mastello vs. S.T.B.  You Are My Destiny [Danijay Radio Remix]  
 La Matrice  Drop In [DJ Matrix]  
 La Tana Del Suono  Aroma  Media Records
 La Tana Del Suono  Tira e Molla  Media Records
 La Tana Del Suono  Raggatanz  Media Records
 LAB  Stay This Time [Radio Edit]  
 Lady Gaga  Poker Face [DJ Zazza Soft Dance Remix]  
 Lady Gaga  Bad Romance [Super Mario DJ & Dr.M. Club Remix]  
 Lady Gaga feat. Colby O'Donis  Just Dance [DJ Zazza Italodance Radio Mix]  
 Lady Naike  High Upon The Sky [Radio Edit]  
 Lady Naike  Silent trees [Enzino Radio Fairytale]  Bit Records
 Lady Violet  Inside To Outside [Radio Edit]  New Music International
 Lady Violet  In Your Mind [Radio]  New Music International
 Lady Violet  No Way No Time [Open Base Edit]  New Music International
 Lady Violet  No Way No Time [Radio Edit]  New Music International
 Lady Violet  Beautiful World [Radio Edit]  Edel Records
 Lady Violet  Calling Your Name [Radio Edit]  New Music International
 Lalene  The Best [Disco In Town Mix]  
 Lamar  Bum Bum Touche Moi [Mad Remix]  
 Lana Del Rey  Summertime Sadness [FranJ & Domasi 2014 Remix]  
 Lance Inc.  Cold As Ice [Orignal Mix]  
 Large Tunes Inc. pres. Lizzy Mack  Don't Go  
 Laserdance  Power Run  
 Lasgo  Alone [Freddy Remix]  unreleased
 Laurent Wolf feat. Eric Carter  No Stress [DJ Zazza Radio Edit]  
 Lawrence meets Orlando  Such A Shame  
 Layla  A Deeper Feeling [In Mix]  Interdance
 Lazard  Your Heart Keeps Burning [Dany Wild Radio Edit]  
 Le Clique  ABC [Oui&sì Radio Edit]  No Colors
 Leena  Gimme Love [Radio Edit]  V2 Records Italy
 Leena  All I Need [2 Thousand Force Radio Edit]  V2 Records
 Lena katina  Never forget [Dj-V. remix]  
 Lenroy  Do You [Extended Version]  ZYX Music
 Lento Rippers  Viva La Figa [Fillini & Selecta Power Remix]  ZYX / Balloon Records
 Lento Violento Man  Rugiada  Media Records
 Lento Violento Man  Gigi's Love  Media Records
 Lento Violento Man  Passo Folk  
 Leo Aberer feat Shaggy  Football Minha Vida [NeoTune! remix]  Munix Records
 Leona Lewis  Bleeding Love [DJ Zazza Maranzatore Attivato Extended Mix]  
 Leonard T. feat. Maia Lee  Go! [TBM DJ Radio Edit]  
 Leonardo D'Ambrosio  Together Forever [Dance Rocker Remix Edit]  Planeta Mix Spain
 Lesi Orchestral  Vodka Fisa  
 Lesi Orchestral  Vadoka Bayan [Vodka Fisa]  Blanco y Negro
 Level 6  Lookin' Your Eyes [Radio Dance Remix]  
 Lian Ross  Brother Louie (2014)  
 Lies In A Box  You Take My Heart Away [Tokyo mix IDN Remaster]  Propio
 Light Experience One  Jungle Life [One Radio Edit]  ZYX Music
 Light Experience One  Jungle Life [L.E.O. Radio Edit]  ZYX Music
 Lilú  I Know Is Your Time  Fast Records
 Lilú  Radioactiva [Cut]  
 Lilú  Little Girl [Eiffel 65 Remix]  
 Lilian  Nao A Razao [Promo Edit]  
 Lilly Allen  Not Fair [Freddy Remix]  
 Lilly Wood & The Prick And Robin Schulz  Prayer In C [Dj Cillo & Dj Cerla Remix]  
 Lillypop  Happy Tu Tu Ta [Lillypop Mix]  No Colors
 Link  Bravi Ragazzi [DIY Radio Edit]  
 Linkin Park  What I'Ve Done [Dj-EviL 65s 2013 Radio Edit]  DJ Evil E.P.1
 Lipstick feat. Azzurra  Love Me [Maskara Radio Edit]  
 Liquido  Ordinary Life [Gigi D'Agostino Tanz]  
 Liquido feat. Gabry Ponte  Ordinary Life  
 Little Lies  Kikka  
 Live 2 Love  Time To Say Goodbye  
 Lizzy B.  Our Summer [Hypertraxx Remix Radio]  
 LMC vs. U2  Take Me To The Clouds Above [Remix]  
 LMFAO Feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock  Party Rock Anthem [DjPiJaLiS Rmx]  
 Lo Stronzo  I Have A Dollar [Pizza Mix]  Dolphin Traxx
 Lo Stronzo  I Have A Dollar [DJ Power Remix]  Karika Records
 Logical U  Love Again [Radio Mix]  Dance Excess
 Logical U  Polvere  
 Loivinho  Leke leke [IDB Lento Violento Remix]  IDN
 Lola Moreno  Enamorame [Smat Remix]  
 Lolita  Joli Garcon [ItaloProducerz Super Maranza mix]  
 Lollipop  Ciao (Reload) [Dj Seleco & Dance Rocker Remix]  
 Loona  Vamos A La Playa 2013 [Dj Lhia Remix]  
 Loopside  File Of Love  Delivery Records
 Loreley  Written In The Sky [Beyond Horizon Euro Mix]  
 Loreley  Written In The Sky [NuItalo Marius Radio]  
 Lorenzo B. Feat. Elix England  Sunrise Is Come [Dj Uber Extended]  Inner Records
 Lorenzo Jovanotti  Tutto L Amore Che Ho [DJ sTore Remix 2011]  UNOFFICIAL
 Love & Peace  Children  
 Love 80's  Human Nature  
 Love Beginners  First Time [Callea & Rispoli Remix]  
 Love Bug Lovers  I'm A Love Bug (Open Me Up) [Radio Edit]  BMG Ariola München GmbH
 Love Factory  Heaven  DOS - Diverse Onde Sonore
 Love Factory  Sometimes The Dreams Come True  DOS - Diverse Onde Sonore
 Love Factory feat. Marius  Tonight  DOS / Tratti Sonori
 Love System  Infinito [Melodico Spasmodice]  DOS - Diverse Onde Sonore
 Love Touch  Angels In The Dust  
 Love Touch  Stars  
 Love Touch  By Your Side [C.Y.T. Extended Remix]  
 Love transistor  Hold on  
 Lovejoy feat. Chandra  To The Moon (Na Na Na Na)  Hitland
 Luca Bazz  Chuck  Italo Rumble Digital
 Luca Belloni  Music Machine [Extended Mix]  
 Luca Belloni  Jumpin [Belloni Mix]  
 Luca Cangini feat. Monique Kiss  Bad Angel [Baccara Mix]  Got It
 Luca Cassani pres. Kristal  Milkshake  
 Luca Lattanzio  Non Ci Sto [Radio]  103
 Luca Noise  True Love  Media Records
 Luca Noise  Moonlight Shadow [Gigi Dag & Luca Noise trip]  NM068
 Luca Noise  Magic Of Love [Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise Sintesi Mix]  NoiseMaker
 Luca Noise  Far Away  Wygo
 Luca Noise  Vedo L'Amore  Wygo
 Luca Noise  Geppetto: La Malinconia  
 Luca Noise  Praise You [Dove Ti Porta Il Cuore]  
 Luca Noise  I'm your lover  Wygo
 Luca Noise & Paolo Schiesaro  With or without you [Paolo Schiesaro mix]  Wygo
 Luca S  Hypa Ilusion [Radio Mix]  
 Luca Zeta  Ragazzo Mio  Self
 Luca Zeta  Over The Clouds  Logo Records
 Luca Zeta  Don't Forget It [Fabrizio e Marco Recipe]  Logo Records
 Luca Zeta  Star [Remix Extended Version]  
 Luca Zeta  I'll Be Good To You  
 Luca Zeta  Star  
 Luca Zeta  Got To Believe  
 Luca Zeta  I'm Ready  
 Luca Zeta  Hold Me Tonight  
 Luca Zeta  Calling  
 Luca Zeta  We Belong  
 Luca Zeta  Everyday  
 Luca Zeta  Trough The Barricades  
 Luca Zeta  My Angel [Radio Version]  
 Luca Zeta  My Angel [Clubraiders Hands Up Mix]  
 Luca Zeta  My Angel [Overland Remix Extended]  
 Luca Zeta  Don't Forget It [Danijay Concept Edit Mix]  
 Luca Zeta  Listen To Your Heart  Logo Records
 Luca Zeta  King Of The Night [DJ Mauro Vay MF Remix]  Soul Trade Italy
 Luca Zeta  King Of The Night [Original Mix]  Soul Trade Italy
 Luca Zeta  Goodbye [Original Mix]  Inner Records
 Luca Zeta  I'll be there [Original Mix]  Inner Records
 Luca Zeta  I miss you [Italodance Forever Rmx]  Inner Records
 Luca Zeta  Forgive Me [Antiqua Rmx]  Netswork Digital Records
 Luca Zeta  Forgive Me [Sander Remix]  Netswork Digital Records
 Luca Zeta & Jordi Carreras feat. Marky  The Song Of Joy  
 Luca Zeta & Luca Noise  Losing my religion  Wygo
 Luca Zeta & Sander  Only You [Alternative Edit]  DanceAndLove
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Jump Into My Arms [Dance Passion Extended Mix]  
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  LUKA [Dance Passion X-Tended Mix]  
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Welcome To My World  Logo Records
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  I'll Be Good To You [2K6 Hands Up Remix]  
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Song Of Joy [2K7 Hands Up Edit Mix]  
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Ways Of Love [Dance Passion Mix]  
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  I'm Ready [ZetaZeroSeven Hands Up Mix]  
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Got To Believe [2K7 Hands Up Edit Mix]  
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Coming Back To You [2K10 Hands Up Edit Mix]  Inner Records
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Born To Win [2K10 Jump Style Edit Mix]  Inner Records
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Secret Love [ZetaZeroNine Italo Edit]  Inner Records
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  New Generation [Pop Dance Extended Mix]  Inner Records
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Take Me [2K10 Jump Style Edit Mix]  Inner Records
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  New Generation [New Hands Up Edit Mix]  Inner Records
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Lost Without You [Edit Mix]  Inner Records
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Always on my Mind [Edit Mix]  Inner Records
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Suspicious Minds [Edit Mix]  Inner Records
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Cant Help Falling In Love [Edit Mix]  Inner Records
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Fisica O Quimica [Pop Dance Edit Remix]  
 Luca Zeta vs. Sander  Good Times [Dance Passion Extended Mix]  Inner Records
 Lucamino  More Than This [Original Radio Edit]  
 Luchetta & Dante  Secrets Of Your Life [Bass Mix]  Senza Base Records
 Luchetta & Dante  Viaggio Al Centro Del Mondo [Radio]  
 Lucian Base feat Eilah  I've Got No Reason [Stephan F Remix Cut]  Planeta Mix Spain
 Lucio Battisti  l Mio Canto Libero  
 Lukaas Project feat Cage  Chicago Night [Angelo Ciaravola Cage Remix]  A.C. Digital Records
 Luke Silver  The Art of Love [Christian Tanz Remix]  Music Life Italy
 Luna  You And I  ISP-1346
 Lunedi  Mirage [Club Mix]  
 Lunie  La Lune [DJ Maxwell Remix]  Sunflower
 LVS Project  Situation [Original Mix]  
 Lybra  A Better World [Fwd Radio Mix]  
 Lybra  A Better World [Original Mix]  
 Lykke Li  I Follow Rivers [Dj Cerla & DJ Cillo rmx]  

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